Hi, my name is Vishnu. I did my graduate research in fluid dynamics at the Department of aerospace engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras). Prof. A Sameen was my PhD thesis advisor. Thanks for visiting my website, and I welcome you!

My research interests are on the fundamental questions we encounter with nature and to know things beyond their names and definitions. My graduate study was on Rayleigh Bénard convection with shear due to rotation and investigated the effect of heat on axial vortex flows. From direct numerical simulation (DNS) results, I explored the dynamics of rotating fluid over a heated surface. We established novel scaling laws in heat transfer and developed a parameter a predictive capability and broader application to combustion systems and naturally occurring convective – swirl flows. We also identified different flow topologies and also examined the transition between the regimes in this canonical problem.

I am also working with an experimental team of Prof Baburaj Puthenveetil and Prafulla Shevkhar, IIT Madras, and with Dr Manikandan Mathur, IIT Madras on an objective criterion to identify plumes, which are coherent structures from the thermal boundary layers in a convective system. Previously, I had performed experimental studies to understand combustion instability in reactive two-phase flows and a laboratory-scale combustor. We applied tools from dynamical systems theory to study the bifurcation characteristics of a combustor during combustion instability.

During my graduate studies, I developed a deep interest in turbulence, thermal convection, rotating flows, climate and large scale atmospheric flows, including questions about how a hurricane forms and how it develops an eye. I am also interested in conducting tabletop experiments to obtain deeper insights into fluid mechanics. My interests also lie in dynamical systems’ analysis and applying machine learning to fluid problems. I plan to pursue my curious questions during my post-doctoral fellowship and beyond that.

Website last updated: 24 December 2021

Vishnu Ravindran, PhD,
Postdoctoral scholar

Fluid mechanics unit

Okinawa institute of science and technology, Japan.

Email: 1.vishnur@gmail.com

Alternate email: agnithepower@gmail.com